Print Ready 300 DPI Premium eCover - Action Scripts and Smart Objects
Create Photo Realistic 3D Professional eCovers
This package is no longer available for sale.

Would you like to give your products a quick facelift?

Regardless if you are selling web applications, Microsoft windows software products, info products or electronic books, this brand spanking new set of high quality eCover action scripts and smart templates will let you accomplish that. The best of this is, there's no need to be a "techy" individual or possess design skills at all. These completely new action scripts and smart objects are adequate to suit your needs. You just need Adobe Photoshop and some minutes of free time.

I want to illustrate how simple this is
... in the following video


This bundle contains Photoshop action scripts and smart templates. If it sounds a little too technical for you, no problem - this stuff is REALLY simple to use. So long as you have Adobe Photoshop you'll manage to create awesome three-dimensional eCovers in a matter of minutes.

* The Smart Templates require Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5 or CS6+, CC whilst the action scripts require Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 (or more), CC. Could be used on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OSX.

This is how the Action Scripts
deliver the results...

Action Scripts are simply a recording of steps you take in Photoshop to produce a certain effect. Therefore there are specific tasks that you always do in Photoshop, being able to record your steps and save them into an action script. Afterwards, you can play back each of the steps that you just recorded by just playing the action script.

In this instance, I've recorded the steps I took to change 2D Covers into 3D Covers. So all of the distort, re-size, along with other commands got recorded and can be replayed with only a few clicks, and convert a 2D cover into a 3D one in seconds.

Basically, you start with a blank template or perhaps a starter template. Afterwards, you make your own design. And lastly, you play the eCover action that you picked and the cover turns into 3D right in front of your eyes.

How Action Scripts Work

This is how the Smart Templates work...

Smart Templates are even easier and faster to work with compared to the action scripts. Just as action scripts, these smart objects remember the steps you took to customize a PSD file - rather than saving this info in a form of an action script, all of these steps get saved as a "smart object". All you've got to do is double click on the "smart layer", edit it as you wish, then when saving it all the effects will get applied to this new saved smart layer.

How Smart Objects Work

Listed below are all the eCovers you can
produce with only a few clicks by using these
Action Scripts and Smart Templates...

3D eCover Binders
3D eCover Magazines
3D eCover DVDs
3D eCover Brochures
3D eCover Books
3D eCover Spirals
3D eCover Boxes
3D eCover CDs
3D eCover Cards

Now, there ARE other eCover action scripts products out there, and chances are you already have a set... so the question is...

Why is this set of actions
and smart templates so special?

Very fast:

Every action takes under 20 seconds to render into 3D plus the smart templates are even faster, meaning you are able to change and adjust your covers considerably faster.

Crisp 300 DPI Resolution
(2480 x 3508 px):

Each of the action scripts and smart templates come in high resolution ready to be used for print. There aren't any jagged edges or pixelation.

Unique "looks":

Although you may already have another set of actions or smart templates, you will not find eCover types such as these elsewhere.

Premium quality:

Excellent attention went in generating each eCover action script and smart template within this bundle. Each is top quality and as good or better than everything else available in the industry.

More than 70 to select from:

You will find over 70 action scripts and smart templates in this package deal so just about all eCover types are included and there is a lot of variety to pick from.

Brand new for 2011:

They are all brand-new actions and smart templates made this year, so you will be receiving the latest and freshest "looks" for your items/products.

What do I get?

19 High Res eCover Smart Templates

You will obtain 19 high-res Smart Templates.

55 High Res eCover Actions

You will receive 55 high-res action scripts for 55 distinct eCovers.

Video Instructions

The product is really easy to use, and virtually takes just a few of minutes to begin with. Nevertheless, you still get simple step-by-step video instructions to be up and running immediately.

eCover Reference Guide

3D eCover Reference Guide

Bonus #1: 3D Man/Cutie Stock Characters ($15 value)

These graphics are meant to help you create converting and inspiring presentation in your video, eBooks, marketing advertisement and website. They will make your life easier in producing a great digital work.

  • 3D Cutie Character with Real, Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution
  • 3D Male Character with Real, Transparent PNG, Vector Image and High Resolution with 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels
Bonus #2: The "Premium Abstract Backgrounds" package ($15 value)

These backgrounds can be used for sites, banners, headers, ebook covers, landing pages, video and software packages, and more (see the product's page here).

Bonus #3: 3D Web Display Templates
  • Showcase your product's screenshots with style
  • PSD files included
  • How to use the Web Display Template Video Tutorial included

To make it easier understand which action script or which smart template makes which eCover, I come up with a reference guideline that has all the eCovers shown using the name of the action script or smart object next to them.

So how much is this product?

I want to make this product affordable for everyone, and a no-brainer deal for you. So the price I came up with is....

Not $97 Not $77 Not $37

Only $27

90 Days Money Back Guarantee

Try these action scripts and smart templates for 90 days and if you won't find them useful for your projects just drop me an e-mail and I'll issue a refund. You have absolutely nothing to lose and all the risk is on me.

Hopefully, you see the importance on this offer and will give this product a try. To get access to this product, use the "Add To Cart" button down the page after you choose the preferred payment method.

This package is no longer available for sale.

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  • System Requirements: The Smart Templates require Adobe Photoshop CS4, CS5, CS6 (or more), CC, while the action scripts require Adobe Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 (or more), CC. Works on Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OSX.
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