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Testimonials from our customers

"I don't often use PhotoShop due to its complexity (like using a hammer to kill a fly, for my design needs), but I've used 3D Covers Pro for multiple eBook projects and it's surprisingly easy to use. The package includes step-by-step videos of how to set it up and use it, perfect for those like me who aren't comfortable with PhotoShop. The covers I've created look great; there's no way I could have created them on my own. 3D Covers Pro is empowering!"
Melisande Rozele Maquet @ MRM Creations
"I purchased the 3D Covers Pro package for our school. I used two of the templates to make mock-ups of our school yearbook magazine. While familiar with iNDesign and Photoshop, I haven't used this type of package before but it was easy to follow and produce professional results quickly. The pricing was good and the feedback was excellent."
"I had been looking for Photoshop templates to easily make 3D images of our brochures. All options I had tried didn't convince me at all. Finally I found the "3D Covers Pro" package, which is just what I had been looking for. The "3D Covers Pro" templates are easy to use, high quality and look really great. There are enough templates to cover all our needs and what I like most is the amount of different designs, which make us stand out from our competitors. The investment in the package has really been very profitable and has saved us a lot of time and money that we would have had to spend to pay a designer. Great value for our money."
Ramón @ Apasionados Del Marketing - Valencia, Spain.
"I’m an author, and I use 3D Covers Pro to turn flat digital book covers into fantastic 3D books for my website. It makes such a huge difference and other authors are always writing to me to ask how I did it! The whole process only takes a few minutes, and the help videos in the package are extremely easy to follow. The results are fabulous. I couldn't be happier. Well worth the money spent. I recommend it all the time!"
"As a small freelance Scottish web design company we found "3D Covers Pro" so easy to use and the resulting 3D images look so professional and definitely enhance any web presentation. We have no problem using Photoshop and have in the past created book covers etc from scratch, however when we came across the 3D covers package for such a low price we had to give it a try and now with the time saved it has paid for itself over and over. Users of this software need very little knowledge of Photoshop and can be producing stunning images is no time, highly recommended, well done '3D Covers Pro'"
"I have found the 3D Covers Pro package very useful. It saves me time working on covers to promote my offering. The tutorials were very helpful in familiarizing myself with how to edit covers for my use.

I've used it for the cover I use on my free offer on the blog page: and web site: I used it for another cover on an older blog post:

I found it easy to insert my own cover artwork. I haven't had a need yet to use the cover layouts provided, but they are set up to be very easy to use. I like the flexibility for how to use package as well as the variety of cover templates."
Alexandre L'Eveille @ ALLE Inc. branding
"At Nova Forlag (Norwegian publisher) we have used the 3D Covers Pro a lot to show of our books on our website, and using the "3D Covers Pro" package speeds up our work progress. We are very happy with the package."
"I've been using 3D Covers Pro to show off my book designs. Most recently, I used 3D Covers on my LinkedIn page where the standard size books can be rendered quickly for my Gallery. I've also used this for my customers to represent their books. Once the Cover and Spine artwork is set up, the use of the template was very quick to create the 3D image. The included instruction video was essential for doing the conversions correctly and I was glad to have that included in the package. As a book designer, 3D Covers Pro templates creates stunning renderings of my work that used to take me hours to create."
"I bought these templates but was dubious that I could navigate through them. It turned out to be crazy easy! If you have a limited amount of knowledge about Photoshop and maybe Illustrator, you can bang out one a finished product from these templates in a half hour or less.

The best part of it is this. The look is so professional that my clients are finding they can charge more for their product. As an example, my client was charging $12.99 for a PDF that one downloaded from her site. After I did a booklet cover for her, she was able to raise her price point to $24.99 with no push-back from her clients.

That tells me that it's all in the presentation. Very cool product. Not only did someone spend a lot of time getting the finite things like subtle drop shadows, etc., they also spent a lot of time making sure it was user-friendly.

I'd recommend this product 100% if you want your clients to think you're a rockstar. And, if came out with a different product with this level of professionalism, I would purchase that to."
"Intavant is a high-end Maine Web design firm specializing in distinctive websites and graphic design. We purchased 3D Covers Pro to add to our toolbox and were very pleasantly surprised. We have since used 3D Covers Pro on several projects and our clients have been very happy with the results. 3D Covers Pro is solid, easy to use and the quality is top-notch. It plays well with the latest version of Photoshop and it has saved us hours rendering custom graphics. We couldn't be happier with the results, and are quite happy to say that 3D Covers Pro has become a powerful tool in our graphic design toolbox!"
Gabe @ Intavant
"I love love love 3D Covers Pro. I own the entire collection and leverage your products on a weekly basis. It saves me hours of work and makes it easy for me to create better 3D Presentations....therefore, faster approvals from my clients. Who wouldn't love that right? I look forward to your next product bundle...hopefully, more promotional items, packaging and advertisement products & billboards!"
Isabelle @ LeapZone
"I have just recently used your covers and I like them a lot, they do a beautiful job. They work well with Photoshop CC and it's so much better to present my books in 3D rather than as a flat image. The latest book cover I did was for a Christmas story titled "A Mysterious and Magic Christmas" that you can see on"
"As a website designer and copywriter, I have bought Photoshop e-cover scripts from various suppliers. 3Dcovers Pro are exceptional. They produce quality covers in every layout, and all the scripts work. If you design ecovers, don’t go anywhere else, these are the best scripts I have found. Well done Gabe."